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I submitted a request for an estimate for my MacBook Pro. Someone emailed me and asked my location so I could go to the repair shop closest to me. I got a call from a California number, but did not answer. I live in Cleveland. I called the number back and spoke to someone different than who called me before. Their websit says you can take your laptop to the closest location and you can choose whether you want to pay per hour or a flat rate fee.... Read more

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This "company" sucks dog ***. They stole my laptop, charged me over $300 and I get voicemail when I call. I am taking legal action. DO NOT CALL FOR ANY REPAIRS. Add comment

Extremely unhappy with Nerds on Site customer service. I tried calling their phone number on Monday, they took down my information and said someone to call me back...No phone call. I tried calling them on Wednesday, again someone took down my information and marked "urgent"... No response. I live in the Abbotsford, BC area. How is it that no one has at least the common decency to at least call me back. I called their office tonight, the... Read more

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5 stars!! I sign up every year for the full coverage. It is $250. I can call ANY time I want - and do! I am older, I sure need them. They are very qualified and try very hard to fix anything that is bothering me regarding my computer. Also, get once a month total "clean up" which is great! I am happy with these Nerds and don't understand why other's aren't. They will stay with me till ALL problems are resolved! If any problems left, I... Read more

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I called Nerds on call and asked if they had qualified Mac repair techs, they said they did and set me an appointment for the next morning. I drove an hour away, gave it to the tech, paid the $179, and was told they had to send it out but that I should have it back within a week. I started calling them a week later because I had no updates, and they said Sacramento had just received it that morning. Called the next day, said they were able to... Read more

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Nerds on call doesn't charge enough! I had them replace my screen on my laptop and clean up an infection. my complaint is they should have charged me a lot more. Read more

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Was told that I had to sign up for their service contract ($179)before they would look at my computer. Two days later they called and said I needed a new hard drive, they would install it and try to get files off my old drive for another $149. Told them no thanks. I would come get my computer and hoped that the service charges would be refunded as their add says free diagnostics. Not so that is now their basic fee to get started. Pretty... Read more

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I've been using Nerds On Call support for a few years, paying the monthly fee of around $25. Most months I never use them. Recently, my hard drive crashed and I had to replace it. They now want $129 to reinstall their software, which actually takes them about 10 minutes. They refuse to waive the fee. But they will spend hours on a single support call that I make under my normal monthly coverage. It is outrageous. What the he** am I paying the... Read more

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Nerds On Call is amazing! My computer was so full of viruses that it was frozen. I found Nerds On Call randomly from a Google search...I was looking for a tech to come to our house in Ohio to fix it. When they told me they could fix it remotely- I was all for it! These guys were so patient with me....guiding me through every step, explaining everything, and answering every question I had about the process. It was very cool just watching the... Read more

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at 5:05 p.m. on 3/31/2015 at the corner of market street and sacramento street walking home from my 4 year old grandson karate practice the driver of the nerds on call vehicle wasn't paying attention to his driving but to his female passenger and two black dogs in his nerds on call company vehicle and made a left turn when my was in the crosswalk. when the driver started his left turn he didn't notice me yelling and screaming to get his... Read more

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